My first Spanish food festival

Like every visitor to Spain I had tried some of the local dishes – I didn’t always know much about what I was eating but it all seemed delicious, especially the tapas. So when I heard there was a food festival going on I decided to go along and try and learn some more about the local cuisine and, hopefully, get to try some.



As I entered I was met with the unmistakable sound of the flamenco and women with castanets dancing a fandango. The vibrant atmosphere was mixed with the smell of delicious food.  Everywhere there were  food-stalls piled high each promoting their own brand of local product.



Free samples were on offer as well as culinary demonstrations. There were delicious cakes including the famous almond pastries; cured legs of ham hanging from hooks; the local, creamy goat’s cheese; as well as olive oils; nuts; jams and much more. Everything was there for the tasting and everyone was tucking in and having a wonderful time. Craft beers and wines, including the local sweet white wine, were available too.



The terrific food festival was held in the bullring and run by the organization “Sabor a Malaga” or “Taste of Malaga” which supports local, mostly family owned, food producers. I felt as if I’d attended a feast and left certainly wiser about the Andalusian cuisine.

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